The Rivers Upper School offers a diverse and challenging curriculum in an ideal academic setting. The challenge comes from a rigorous academic program that includes extensive honors and AP courses, as well as an eclectic array of electives. At the same time, 私彩信誉平台十大网站的高中课堂反映了个人成就和合作学习之间的强烈平衡. Rivers teachers lead students in their learning by demanding high levels of thinking and analysis.

高中教育强调培养学生批判性和分析性思维的重要性, write logically and incisively, and speak articulately and convincingly. The curriculum includes traditional academics, along with the infusion of arts and athletic requirements. As students move through the program, a diverse offering of electives becomes available, allowing students to create an academic schedule that best reflects their interests, 专业知识, 和激情.


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    每个高年级学生在大一开始时都会被指派一名指导老师,他们将在那里工作两年, 然后学生们可以选择他们在大三和大四的导师. The student-to-advisor ratio in the Upper School is 6 to 1. Advisors meet twice a week with their entire groups, in addition to regular one-on-one check-ins. 里弗斯的咨询项目旨在为每个学生的学业和社会情感成长提供额外的支持, as well as foster more connections between students at each grade level. Advisors also serve as a vital resource for parents. 每年, at the midpoint in February, 家长有一个全面的一对一会议与他们的孩子的顾问,讨论学生的成长和经验在私彩信誉平台十大网站. 顾问制度是里弗斯确保每个学生与校园里的成年人和同龄人建立有意义和持久联系的另一种方式.
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    Our faculty believe in working closely with students in and out of the classroom. Because most teachers are advisors, 他们在学生的教育和日常生活的各个方面都与学生深入接触. 这种动态创造了一种培育环境,在这种环境中,学生在生活的各个方面都取得高成就是一种期望. 教师鼓励学生在学术和课程领域发现个人能力. This combination affords students the opportunity to stretch themselves and, 在这个过程中, reach their full potential.

    Because taking visual and performing arts 类 is required for graduation, risk-taking and creativity are central to the Upper School experience. Coupled with athletic requirements, 该计划反映了多样化经验的价值,作为教育的基础,使学生成为负责任的个人. In addition to our on-campus programs, 里弗斯大学还赞助定期旅行和项目,带领学生走出校园,环游世界. Several years ago, 语言系设立了一个暑期学习项目,学生们将在加的斯度过近一个月的时间, 西班牙, 而科学系标志性的暑期实习项目则将学生安置在波士顿大学医学院的研究实验室, Children’s Hospital, and local biotech companies. 通过数学系建立的商业实习项目,让感兴趣的学生有机会在波士顿地区的风险投资和私募股权公司度过暑假,获得真实世界的经验. And each year various academic departments sponsor trips to places like England, 意大利, 法国, 日本, 瑞士, 和中国.

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Rivers offers a college-preparatory, liberal arts curriculum that challenges students to think critically, 创造性地, and independently. Our academic program offers a wide variety of courses designed to foster the intellectual, 分析, and personal development of students in each grade with increasingly demanding levels of rigor. In the Upper School, 学生除了满足艺术方面的要求外,还必须满足核心课程的要求, the afternoon program, and community service. 高年级学生也有机会在私彩信誉平台十大网站的每个学术课程中选择荣誉课程或ap课程.

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