The Rivers School is located at 333 Winter Street in Weston. 

From the south:

Route 95/Route 128 to Route 9 West. Follow Route 9 in Wellesley for about 4.1 miles to Weston Road Exit. Turn right onto Weston Road at the bottom of the ramp. Follow Weston Road .8 of a mile to Bogle Street. Turn left onto Bogle Street. Follow Bogle Street to stop sign at Winter Street. 向左转进入冬季街,行驶约50码,然后向右转进入校园. 

From the north:
Route 95/Route 128 to Exit 24. Turn left onto Route 30 (going West). Travel 2.2英里到第三组红绿灯,左转到韦尔斯利街(往韦尔斯利方向). Travel 2 miles and turn right onto Bogle Street. Follow to stop sign at Winter Street. 向左转进入冬季街,行驶约50码,然后向右转进入校园. 

进入校园:汽车可以从冬季街进入主校区(戴维斯球场在你的左边). Drive toward MacDowell Athletic Center and loop around to the left, following the sign that says Main Entrance. This road will lead you to our main campus. 慢慢进入,向旗杆前进,在那里你会看到游客和入场停车场. 

Note: some “HOME” athletic contests are played off campus. Please check the athletics section to confirm location and directions.

Click here for printable directions.